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Central Asia: Is Russia Ready to Address Central Asia’s Border Woes?

As US-led forces gear up to downsize in Afghanistan, Moscow is increasingly worried about the possibility of militants, drugs and instability seeping into Central Asia. This growing concern is pushing the Kremlin to seek a more hands-on role in Central Asian border security.

The greatest security challenge for Russia is Tajikistan, an impoverished country with a porous 1,400-kilometer-long border with Afghanistan. At least six armed clashes between security forces and suspected militants and/or drug traffickers reportedly occurred near the frontier during the first four months of this year. Officials in Dushanbe insist that Islamic militants are using Afghanistan as safe haven in efforts to topple the Tajik government. Independent observers, meanwhile, suspect much of the recent violence is linked to narcotics. Whatever the cause, Moscow is alarmed.
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Seven Tajik Fugitives Captured in Afghanistan

Another seven fugitives that escaped from a detention center in Dushanbe in late August will soon be put back behind bars. According to the Afghan Ministry of Interior, the escapees were captured in Tahor province in northern Afghanistan on December 19. A spokesperson for Tajikistan’s State Committee for National Security (GKNB) said the fugitives were detained in a joint operation by Tajik and Afghan security agencies.

The escapees were most probably pushed to cross the border into Afghanistan by Tajik police and army units that had recently stepped up their efforts in Tajikistan’s Khatlon region that borders on Afghanistan to hunt down the remaining fugitives. The detainment brings the number of escapees from the Tajik prison that remain at large down to eight.


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