Tajikistan: ‘Halloween is not for Patriots’

In Tajikistan, celebration of Halloween (or other ‘alien’ holidays) borders on national treason.

There are not many people in Tajikistan who know anything about Halloween. Yet even rare celebrations of the holiday in the country make some people uneasy. Is Halloween an ‘alien’ tradition endangering Tajik culture? Or is it just an ‘innocent prank’? Read on Global Voices Online >>



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3 responses to “Tajikistan: ‘Halloween is not for Patriots’

  1. Мутаассифона ман навиштҳои Шуморо хондан наметавонам, чун ки забони англисиро намефаҳмам. Аз Шумо хоҳиш менамоям, кӣ блоги нави манро низ ба рӯйхати блогнависони тоҷик дохил кунед.


  2. Албатта дохил мекунам!

  3. Мой блог тоже включите в список, пожалуйста!


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