Tajik Militant Leader Mullo Abdullo Killed

Tajikistan’s most wanted militant leader, Abdullo Rahimov (more widely known as Mullo Abdullo) was killed in the Rasht Valley on April 14. According to the Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) spokesman Mahmadullo Asadulloev, Mullo Abdullo and 14 of his followers were killed by Tajik security forces in the village of Samsolik in Nurobod district.

Tajik authorities believe that Mullo Abdullo was behind the September 19, 2010 attack on a government military convoy near the Kamarob Gorge in the Rasht Valley in which 28 soldiers died. Another militant leader who had allegedly assisted Mullo Abdullo in organizing the deadly assault, Alovuddin Davlatov (aka Ali Bedaki) was recently killed by government forces in a controversial operation.


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