Iran to Boost Investment in Tajik Health Market

Private Iranian companies plan to build health clinics in the Tajik capital, Tehran’s embassy in Dushanbe announced on February 22. If the Tajik Ministry of Health approves the plan, three specialized clinics will be built in Dushanbe – for plastic and reconstructive surgery, for kidney and urological diseases, and for eye disorders (, February 22, 2011).

Iranian entrepreneurs see health clinics in Tajikistan as a sure way to cash in on the country’s failing health infrastructure. A recent report describes the Tajik healthcare system as being in a “steep decline” due to low government spending on health sector, acute shortage of skilled and dedicated health workers, corrupt and poorly maintained hospitals, and incomplete reform process. The public trust in the country’s healthcare system is increasingly low, with many better-off Tajiks preferring to seek care abroad. The Iranian embassy alone issues about 100 visas monthly to Tajik nationals, wanting to undergo medical treatment in Iran (, February 22, 2011). Other popular destinations include Russia and Kazakhstan.

There is already an Iranian hospital in Dushanbe – the Abu Ali ibn Sino Clinic. The nine-storied, 100-bed clinic, which specializes in the treatment of kidney failure and heart diseases, was opened in 2009. An Iranian company invested US$ 14 million in building and equipping the clinic (, September 7, 2009).


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