Former Warlord Said Behind The Deadly Attack in Tajikistan

Alovuddin Davlatov (also known as Ali Bedak), a warlord that had fought for the Islamic opposition forces during Tajikistan’s civil war in 1992-1997, was behind the deadly attack in eastern Tajikistan which killed at least 23 soldiers on September 19, according to his brother, Husniddin. In a televised appearance on major national channels yesterday (September 20), Davlatov’s brother asserted that Ali Bedak and his militants planned and carried out the attack. He also said:

My brother now has more than 100 [fighters] under his supervision. These include foreign mercenaries. He set up a terrorist camp in the mountainous areas of the Rasht valley. In this camp, he taught young people and children the basics of terrorist and subversive operations (TV Shabakai Yakum, September 20).

Husniddin also said that his brother frequently asked him to purchase chemicals to manufacture improvized explosive devices (IEDs).

Husniddin Davlatov, an activist of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan (IRPT), was detained by Tajik security agencies on September 14. The detention has raised many questions as Husniddin serves as a member of the local assembly in Rasht district which should give him immunity from arrest and detention. Husniddin’s relatives said he was detained on suspicion of membership in the banned Salafiyyah movement (, September 14).

Husniddin’s televised accusations against his brother sounded very much like a memorized speech.


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